There are many ways to connect with employers prior to or post military service. The three primary online methods of connecting with employers are through Veteran Job Boards, Military Friendly Company websites, and by making contact with Placement/Headhunting Companies. You may also use social tools such as Facebook and LinkedIn to create profiles for employer view. The below links provide insight on how to use the options.

Veteran Job Boards


Veteran job boards are sites that provide a place for employers to post jobs. Recruiters then search the site for Veterans that fit jobs they are trying to fill. Many Veterans take a great deal of time to create profiles and post their resume on these portals. Veterans sometimes forget that you have to do more than just post your resume. Veterans also need to include a cover letter and in many cases a professional picture. Be sure to compile these items prior to connecting with a veteran job board.


Veteran Friendly Companies


Companies that are Veteran Friendly have established a public commitment to hire Veterans. Many times they have specific areas of their company website that allow Veterans to apply for jobs. The links on the page provide connection directly to the Veterans job page of the listed company.


Veteran Placement Headhunter Companies


Placement and Headhunter Companies are organizations that connect Veterans with employers for a set fee or are on a paid retainer to fill a specific amount of positions. The recruiter acts as the liaison between the Veteran and the Company. Contacting Placement and Headhunter Companies will broaden your chances of connecting with employers.