Our Mission

NextGenVETS is a Non-Profit Organization 510 c 3, founded by Recently-Released Veterans, and helps fellow Veterans build rewarding civilian careers through Assessment, Training, and Employment Connection.

What We Do


We use a customized assessment that measures at Veteran’s characteristics, potential and motivation. This personality test, validated by more than four decades of research, measures over twenty-five personality traits that our consulting partners analyze in a variety of configurations to determine how the Veteran will perform in a specific role.


As Veterans ourselves, we help solve the Veteran Employment issue, by offering comprehensive training programs that build upon the Veteran’s Military Experience and supplies industry-standard certifications and credentials.  We furthermore provide structured introductions, leading to job placement with our partner employers.  All of this is FREE to the Veteran.

Employment Connection

The traditional way in today's world of obtaining employment is by posting a resume to a job board. Most times “posts” go unanswered  leaving Veterans with little feedback which ends in discouragement. After gathering data from the assessment we are able to present veterans to employers in a way that gives recruiters a greater understanding of who the veteran is and their experience in the military.